No matter what casino you find yourself in, if there’s an active roulette table on the floor, you’re going notice that there’s isn’t one all-encompassing roulette strategy like the basic blackjack strategy. Since there are so many different kinds of bets available to players, there are an abundance of strategies that roulette players can use. To a novice, it might look like the people at a table are just throwing down bets willy nilly, but the truth of the matter is that most players have some kind of system in place. That doesn’t mean nobody just places bets on what their gut tells them for the upcoming spin, but if you pay attention you’ll notice the majority are following some kind of self-imposed ruleset.

And although roulette offers a large number of wagers, betting itself is pretty straightforward and simple to understand. When compared to a game like craps where there is a seemingly endless variety of complicated bet types (with even the simplest of bets forcing you to remember a handful of rules), placing a bet in roulette can be as simple as just putting your chips down on your favorite number. Furthermore, with even money bets like odds/evens, low/high numbers, or black/red, roulette is one of the few social table games you’ll find at a casino that isn’t going to leave new players feeling confused or anxious.

Making Your Own Roulette Strategy

So with all these relatively simple bets available, making up a personalized strategy for you isn’t much of a challenge. Along with straightforward wagers, the fact that most casinos display the last 10 or so winning numbers at the table make developing strategies based on the wheel’s trends even easier.

Building a strategy can be as easy as moving back and forth between two even money bets at a specified interval. For example, every once in awhile I will bet evens until it wins three times in a row. After that, I’ll bet odds until that gets three wins back to back (to back). Just to shake it up a bit, I may move directly from odds to low/high or red/black betting and just continue down the line. While this example isn’t a plan we outright recommend playing with, it’s offered here as an example to show just how effortless building a personal roulette strategy can be.

Be Wary of Snake Oil Strategies

While there are a small handful of legitimate (but overly complex) strategies you can look up, they’re usually not practical when playing in a real casino. That being said, you need to be careful not to get sucked into paying for a strategy just because the sales pitch is so enticing. The fact of the matter is that there is not a guaranteed way to consistently win at roulette. Nevertheless, you can still have a great time (and win big) when coming up with your own play styles at a live table.

That being said, keep an eye out here on VIP Gambler for some in depth roulette strategies that many gamblers swear by, including the popular Martindale System. Until then, best of luck at the tables!